Wow, that’s a pretty big call. When I first saw this study I thought it sounded a bit ridiculous. Just being excessively slumped is associated with dying earlier? Sounded a bit dramatic. Then I read the study, and a few other studies on this topic. Slumping forward is one of those things that tends to […]

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When you experience sudden, sharp pain in your back, it can be pretty scary. How do you tell if something serious is going on, or if it’s something more straightforward? Here is a link to a great article I just read which outlines in basic terms the key differences between back pain that is musculo-skeletal […]

I wanted to share this article from the Harvard Medical School website which outlines steps you can take to make sure your New Years Resolutions come true. It’s a great idea to make resolutions, especially if they involve improving your health or taking better care of yourself. But making the resolution is only the beginning. […]

For those of you who are lucky enough to be jumping on a plane to head somewhere this holiday season, we wanted to outline a few tips and tricks to make your trip as pain free as possible. Travelling is great, but it’s also easy to hurt yourself. Sitting on planes for long periods of […]

At this time of year we always see a lot of people with injuries related to the sudden desire to quickly get in shape. Their exercise regime drifted a little over the winter months but with Summer approaching they need to get their bikini body back. Bravo I say! But, we need to temper that […]

We are commonly asked what the difference is between an Osteopath and a Physiotherapist. Our Osteopath Jerome Smith spent the last 5 years working in a clinic that employs both osteopaths and physiotherapists, so he is uniquely positioned to answer this question. In Australia, physiotherapists specialise in rehabilitation. Rehab is a very diverse field, with […]

WHAT ARE SHIN SPLINTS? Shin Splints is a slightly vague term, and it gets used a lot when people have pain in the lower leg. Sometimes it’s really straightforward, but it can represent a more serious problem, so if it’s been ongoing for a little while, especially in a child, it’s important to get it […]

Harley Place Health Osteopath Jerome Smith has studied advanced dry needling, so he may recommend it for you depending on your condition. What does it actually do? Dry needling is commonly used to address deep myofascial tension. Often it can be painful or very difficult for a practitioner to work deep enough to hit these […]

We are very excited to welcome Jerome Smith to Harley Place Health. Jerome has extensive experience with professional sportspeople and will be a fantastic addition to our team of practitioners.

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According to a recently released summary of the research, there is a 66% chance that WITHOUT SURGERY your disc herniation will resolve. Researchers looked at all the studies on this between 1990-2015. Different studies reported differing levels of resolution, with one saying up to 82% of people in their group got better with treatment and […]