We asked HPH Osteopath Marcus Ng to dig into the research and see if he could answer this question. As an avid basketball player & NBA fan, Marcus has a keen interest in all types of sporting injuries. Marcus can provide you with the best prevention tips and rehabilitation techniques that will allow you to […]

We all know that excess screen time is bad for us. But does it matter which screen we are looking at? Do they all affect us in the same way? Apparently some are worse than others, according to a recent study. This data was published just a week ago so it’s red hot. The obvious […]

I’m often asked whether losing weight would help a particular problem. For example, “If I lost a few kilos, would it help my back pain?”. I think that if someone is overweight, then losing a few kilos is a good idea anyway, as there are so many general health benefits to maintaining a healthy weight. […]

Stuck at home and can’t get to your regular practitioner? Or if you’re simply experiencing pain and prefer natural alternatives to medications, our illustrious neighbour Naturopath Tania Flack from Bondi Health and Wellness put this guide together. Of those Australians reporting back pain, nearly half experience difficulty with mobility, daily activities and self-care, which significantly […]

Then check this out. The team at Medical news Today just posted an article with 21 tips and tricks for improving your sleep quality. Poor sleep has been linked to mental health conditions like depression, to reduced immune function, to weight gain, and to reduced healing capacity. The thing I have done lately that’s made […]

With a global pandemic running around, there’s never been a better time to work on your immune system. You want it functioning at its absolute peak right now. As we age, our immune system ages too. This means it doesn’t quite function as well as it used to. Luckily there is something we can do […]

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Maybe not Shakespeare’s most famous question…..but an important question nonetheless. HPH Osteopath Jerome Smith has extensive experience working with professional sportspeople – after completing the FIFA Sports Medicine Diploma he worked with premier league footballers in the UK before moving to Sydney. Here are his thoughts on whether to use heat or ice. A lot […]

HPH Physiotherapist Kenny Merlevede knows a thing or two about rehabilitation and returning to exercise after a break. Literally! He was cycling in Centennial Park recently and while trying to avoid hitting a wayward child on a bike he came off and broke his collarbone. The surgery involved 5 pins being inserted into the collarbone. […]

Our Osteopath Dr Jerome Smith put together a daily schedule to help people incorporate more movement into their day. Working from an office, or anywhere that is not your home, requires a certain amount of incidental exercise. You might have to walk to a bus stop, or from a train station to your workplace. You […]

Hello, With a couple of Eastern Suburbs beaches reopening this week, are we allowed to start feeling cautiously optimistic?  We hope you and yours are all safe and well. Our Osteopath Jerome has very generously offered to give FREE online ergonomic assessments to those of you working from home. He can skype/zoom etc you to see what […]