Chris Jones, Osteopath.

Chris is a successful osteopath with 17 years experience running clinics in both Sydney and Singapore. Prior to studying to be an Osteopath, he completed a Sports Science degree. this combination has led to him regularly being involved with elite sportspeople, including placements with the Australian Athletics Team and private consultations with World and Olympic Champions.

He is consulted on a wide range of problems and has extensive experience with all common musculoskeletal complaints such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and nerve impingement. He works with individual clients to help them identify the postures, habits and tasks in their everyday life that, over time, build up and develop into problems. He uses a combination of treatment techniques tailored to the client’s particular needs and selects exercise and stretches that will prevent relapses.

During his post-graduate education, Chris focused on training in the development and implementation of more gentle cranial techniques, suitable for any age and condition but particularly for babies and children. Chris has completed all 9 levels of the BioDynamic Approach to Cranial Osteopathy run by Dr James Jealous as well as working for 15 years alongside Dr Roman Maslak and Dr Peter Kash who each have 40 years experience working in Bondi Junction specialising as cranial osteopaths.

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